Why Do Parents and Kids Love Our Music Together Classes?

Parents tell us every day how valuable this class is to them and their children. If you have some fan mail for us, please send it along!


  • “We enjoy music class so much and it has truly enriched our lives. Both my daughter and I have benefited from participating in the Music Together Classes. This fun class has promoted her music skills, social skills, language development, and has brought so much joy to her life. I have learned to incorporate music into our daily routines and we all benefit from a more joyous household. For example, I no longer direct or give commands instead we sing and smile through the task of getting our shoes on and getting out the door in the morning. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and modeling such a wonderful approach to life. I recommend this class to all families. Sing, smile and enjoy!" --Parent, Auburn
  • “I started taking my twin boys to Music Together when they were 8 months old. They are now two, and our weekly music class has been an absolute joy and blessing as well as, of course, a musical learning experience. We have been welcomed and supported from session to session and plan to continue to participate. Not only are the boys enjoying themselves and learning, in a kind and comfortable environment, I have learned to be a little more playful, too! Each teacher we have spent time with has been fantastic—attentive, fun, and lovely singers. Also, we honestly even enjoy the included music CD...really, we listen to it a lot! I can't recommend this program enough for its balance of unique learning opportunities and sweet environment; it's become the only ‘must’ in our entertainment budget.”--Karla, Auburn
  • "My daughter has really grown musically with Music Together. We started her at age 1 and half, and at 3 years old, she can now articulate many of the songs on her own and has almost fully developed her tonal quality. She is also starting to replace words of songs with her own words, and continues to sing these songs using correct rhythm patterns." –Parent, Granite Bay
  • "I wanted to share a special place we go each week with the kids...I wanted you to know first hand from me how much I love this! Being a part of the Yoga world we know that there are many teachers that are great at what they do...Then you come across a person who is so special and so amazing that you are immediately drawn in by the magic they posses from within and are so not afraid to share it openly with the world. For us Teacher Beth that magical being that lit up our entire family from day one. We all feel like it is the highlight of the week for us. As most of you know I am such a fan of music in so many ways and this is so important that my babies see how powerful sound and movement are. If you have little ones or know of anyone that has little ones in the area, check this place out! We are so blessed." --Ryan Bailey, parent, Auburn
  • “Our son’s love of music was absolutely brought to light through the wonderful experiences he had with you in three years of music class! We can’t thank you enough for the energy, commitment, patience, enthusiasm, and smiles you brought to the class. You were our son’s first teacher for anything–and I think one that has left a longlasting impression for him.” –Juli Marty, Auburn
  • "Charles and Emma Claire continue to grow in their love for music and sing pretty much all day long, especially Music Together songs. Thank you to Teacher Beth for sharing her love and infectious enthusiasm for music with our family! Thanks so much for bringing this amazing program to Auburn!" –Cassandra, Auburn
  • “My children soak up the classes and wear out the CD recordings, but the biggest contribution Music Together has made in our family is to raise my singing comfort level from under-the-rug to out-in-the-open. Teacher Beth has really helped me sing out loud…and not just in the car alone with the music blasting. She sets a great example by singing, dancing, and having fun! And the more I sing, the more confident I am, and so the more I sing, on around again.” –Mehrey, Auburn
  • "Hi, Teacher Beth: Just wanted to thank you for all you do every class to make it so special for our little ones. Connor just cannot wait for your class, and I know he's not alone! We notice the extra effort you put in (like last class introducing the frog song with a little story about the rain dripping off the leaves that got everyone's rapt attention) and the extra enthusiasm you have (even hopping around with a sprained ankle) each and every class! Thank you!" –Parent, Auburn
  • "My son loved the music on the CD that came along with enrollment. You wouldn't know it from class but he wanted me to play the CD all the time. You have a wonderful program and Teacher Beth is fantastic! She really tried to connect with the kids and get them to have fun." –Parent, Auburn
  • "Teacher Beth is the best music together teacher that I ever had. She is so patient with the kids and is so animated with them as well. She keeps the kids interest. She keeps it very routine so the kids always know what to expect. She keeps a very musical environment. She lets them be kids! It is a very happy learning environment." –Glenda, Auburn
  • "Teacher Beth is very enthusiastic and is great with all the kids. The kids really love watching Beth sing, dance, and play instruments and soon they are joining in on the fun. Beth has been a great model for me and other parents to teach us how to be more musical with our kids." –Debbie, Auburn
  • "I would like to mention how much our son loves music together (he is 4). We just finished our third music class with Teacher Beth and look forward to next session. It has been so fascinating to watch Weston's musical interest grow. We listen to the CDs in the car (by his request) and he plays them on his little CD player at home. We have collected a few instruments that he enjoys too. I think one of the most interesting observations is that during music class Weston is reserved and not singing along much. But, when he's at home, he clearly remembers all the motions and dancing he learned/observed at class. I think that music has added such a wonderful dimension to his toddlerhood and I appreciate the classes so much. Our son absolutely adores teacher Beth and her animated, energetic presence." –Lisa, Auburn